Vision & Mission

Our Vision

To be a benchmark of academic excellence and innovation in the lives of the students and colleagues,  focused on the development of the individual in its fullness as a unique and special human being whose potential can be achieved through discipline, effort and talent.

Our Mission

Changing the world, one child at a time

Our mission is to build citizens of blameless character through solid education, focused on the individual as unique and special human being, with high quality and values. We aim to build vital character traits in students so that they can be the leaders of tomorrow and offer an educational service of quality that goes beyond complying strictly the academic content, shaping a global citizen whose burning desire is to become a lifelong learner.


  1. Excellence – Both students and teachers and other school employees are encouraged to strive for excellence in all activities
  2. Character building – The method, materials and conduct of educators lead to an integrated work of sixty character traits such as responsibility, honesty, diligence, respect etc., naturally and effectively.
  3. Individualized teaching – teaching respects the particularities of each student and is in accordance with the level, ability and needs of each child.Only an education that provides close monitoring can bring the best out of each student that will help him to surpass his limits.
  4. Active learning – The New Generation International School is grounded on the idea that the child should know, first of all, how to learn. The educator is a facilitator that helps the student to find the answers.

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