EING offers several programs such as:

Technological education

The LEGO educational division has kits that makes technology simple and meaningful in order to enable the student to investigate, create and solve problems.


‘In search of talents’

The objective of this program is to offer students the opportunity to try their skills in different areas through Clubs that involve playing guitar, capoeira, karate, sports, among others.

The Clubs are by professionals that look for talent. Once these talents are revealed, the school seeks to provide a means for the students to develop.

Each activity is elective and the students can choose the ones they are interested in.

Exchange programs and trips

  • Liberty University

EING  promotes an exchange program in Virginia – USA during the month of July. Students spend the July holidays at Liberty University. On the Campus of Liberty University the student will have the great opportunity to study English with teachers specialized in teaching English to foreigners. They will participate in classes and activities that will develop the four skills needed to learn a language: listening, speaking, reading and writing. In this course, students practice English in real situations inside and outside the classroom, having the opportunity to share experiences with other students from different regions of the world and also they will have the chance to learn a little about other cultures.

  • Disneyland Orlando

A trip open for the families o four students so that the parents and children can travel together and still have the company of friends from school in one of the biggest tourist destinations of all time: Disney Orlando Florida. This trip is programmed for October and may vary from a stay in the USA of 10 to 15 days, according to the organization of the group. The program includes trips to the most famous parks of Orlando and also shopping in the Outlets and malls in the region, besides special dinners and lodging in excellent hotels. Fun guaranteed!

  • Student camp

An annual student camp for student integration with other young students from partner schools. The program is always related to leisure and integration between youth and nature.

  • Field trips

Programmed trips of cultural extension for students in expositions, museums, parks, zoos, aquariums, among other, always accompanied with the EING team of teachers.

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